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About Strategic Transformation Solutions

Your Operational Excellence
Journey Starts Today!

Stategic Transformation Solutions specializes in Operational Excellence Lean Transformation and Deployment. Our team includes consultants from a variety of backgrounds and experience to give our partners a competitive operational advantage.

STS Supported Industries

Lean thinking can be applied to ALL industries and professions. There is a common misconception that lean implementation applies only to manufacturing. There is a process involved in everything we do.

STS Lean Deployment XOS

Strategic Transformation Solutions is your partner in developing a customized lean deployment strategy and hands-on leader when it comes to implementing the tactics that support the effort.

STS Continuous Improvement Workshops

Strategic Transformation Solutions Continuous Improvement Workshops are designed to focus on the source-make-deliver cycle. Our personalized approach includes both classroom and workspace activities.

STS Business Process Consulting

Strategic Transformation Solutions will partner with your organization to attack the issues that are limiting your delivery, quality and margin requirements. Our clients have reported up to 30% reduction in lead time, 50% increase in productivity, over $1 million saved in COGS, 25% reduction in non-conformance, and more.

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