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Total Productive Maintenance Workshops

What is Total Productive Maintenance?

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a strategy that operates according to the idea that everyone in a facility should participate in maintenance, rather than just the maintenance team. This approach uses the skills of all employees and seeks to incorporate maintenance into the everyday performance of a facility.  Management should be involved in TPM by promoting it as a corporate policy. Reliability engineers also need to be involved, as they can interpret the maintenance data stored in an organization’s CMMS (A computerized maintenance management system) in order to find relevant metrics and generate business insights. 

Why is TPM Important?

When everyone in a facility is thinking about and contributing to maintenance, many aspects of the facility will change for the better. Teams employing a TPM strategy often experience the following: 


  • Fewer Breakdowns:  When machine operators keep an eye out for changes with their equipment, big issues are more likely to be spotted early, before a breakdown occurs. This lets the maintenance team get on top of their PM maintenance schedule, rather than always reacting to emergency breakdowns. 


  • Safer Workplace:  Technicians are much more likely to take risks when rushing to fix a breakdown, so fewer breakdowns generally mean a safer workplace. In addition, when everyone keeps maintenance in mind, problems can be spotted and dealt with well before they become potentially dangerous situations. 


  • Better Overall Performance:  If everyone in a facility is keeping an eye on maintenance, small fixes will stop going undetected, which helps you move away from reactive maintenance and get backlog under control. It takes the pressure of small jobs off the maintenance team so they can concentrate on the bigger jobs, which increases the overall performance of your facility. 


What else can TPM do for your business? Contact us to schedule a TPM Workshop and start your Operational Excellence journey today!

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