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Strategic Approach to Operational Excellence

STS Approach To Operational Excellence

Together, we’ll design, create, implement and refine a collaborative plan for the success of your organization. We will not leave you on the path; we are your partners for the entire journey.

Why Us?

We promise to provide a collaborative approach, uncompromising integrity, candid communication, and an entrepreneurial spirit - Achieving your goals The Right Way, Together.

STS is unique in our approach to operational excellence; we support custom plans for every client. Improper use of operational excellence tools can result in a failed implementation. STS tailors each of our services to the exact needs of your organization, thus guiding a successful journey.

When it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We believe that those that choose us as partners are selective as well.  

Partnership, Teamwork, Communication, and organization success

Industry Challenges

In the current operations climate, enterprises are experiencing new hardships that affect cost, supplies, lead time, and quality. STS provides world-class training, coaching and implementation in multiple Operational Excellence topics that will help our partners meet or exceed their objectives. In addition, STS prides itself on our “boots on the ground” philosophy. A hands-on virtual corporation experience is provided to each STS partner. STS consultants spend the majority of their time at partner facilities helping to create and implement lean initiatives and programs and providing quantitative results.

Client Concerns

  • Lead Time Delays 

  • Quality Concerns 

  • Increasing Operating Cost 

  • Labor Shortages

  • Supply Chain Shortages / Delays 

  • Environmental Standards

Client Achievements

  • Up to 30% reduction in lead time 

  • Up to 25% reduction in non-conformance 

  • Over $1 Million saved in cost of goods sold

  • Up to 50% increase in productivity 

  • Up to 40% reduction in logistics waste

  • Up to 15% reduction in CO2 emissions 

Our Mission

To drive organization transformation of the culture and capabilities that result in a strategic competitive operational advantage for our clients. 

Our Values

  • Collaborative Approach

  • Uncompromising Integrity

  • Candid Communication

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Key Objectives

  • Provide End-to-End Goal Alignment

  • Provide Hands on Participation and Training

  • Deliver Enterprise Tools to Drive Change

  • Empower Teams to Pursue Perfection

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