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Gemba Workshops

What is Gemba?

A Gemba walk is a management practice that is used in both transactional and manufacturing activities to drive efficiency by talking to those who do the job. Executives or managers conduct Gemba walks by moving throughout the value stream work place to observe the process and gain information from employees. The purpose of the walk is to identify opportunities to reduce wasteful activities and discover other avenues to improve productivity. This in-person observation allows leaders to see the difference between what they assumed is happening and what is actually happening. It also gives them a chance to interact with the people doing the job and see exactly where it is done, as opposed to imagining it from a far-away conference room 

Why is Gemba Important?

  • Create a safer work environment. 

  • A vital way to get input from employees on what is going right and what is going wrong in a specific operation.  

  • A way of getting employee buy-in is to explain how the benefits of a Gemba Walk go beyond improving a product or the company’s bottom line. 

  • Gemba Walks serve to closely observe “the place where value is created” and listening to employees, project leaders and business managers give themselves a fresh perspective on the business and new insight into how changes can make products and services better for customers. 

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What else can Gemba do for your business? Contact us to schedule a Gemba Workshop and start your Operational Excellence journey today!

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