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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was STS formed?
    STS was formed due to a common stance of how Operational Excellence should be approached and implemented. We are a group of like-minded individuals with various backgrounds and experiences. In our vast range of experiences, people are often unsure of how to approach the subject of Operational Excellence. It is a difficult concept to define, and most organizations either find the topic to be too ambiguous or too broad to talk about. Our hands-on approach directs organizational transformation and guides in the successful implementation of an Operational Excellence culture.
  • What makes STS different from other Operational Excellence Consultants?
    STS was formed due to a common stance of how operational excellence should be approached and implemented. We are a virtual part of our client’s organization. We approach our clients as an extension of their strategy and operations. We are in the trenches with our clients with boots on the ground in the classroom as well as at the source of activities. We are your partners with the focus on moving things forward, the Right Way, Together!
  • What kind of problems can STS solve?
    STS conducts projects from the C-Suite to the Facility Floor. We have over 50 years of combined experience addressing operational issues in manufacturing, assembly, sales, customer service, finance, healthcare, and more. Some examples include productivity, quality, lead time, leadership development, change management, supply chain management, and strategic planning.
  • What industries does STS provide services for?
    STS provides services across multiple industries. Some examples include: Discrete Manufacturing Assembly Government Contracting Food & Beverage Manufacturing Metal Processing Machining Energy Logistics / Supply Chain Customer Service Healthcare And more!
  • What geographic locations does STS serve?
    STS has consultants based across the continental United States to provide organizations with Operational Excellence Solutions. Please contact us for information regarding international services.
  • What is the expected return from STS services?
    All STS services are designed to include classroom training and implementation activities. Classroom activities provide in-depth coaching for your team in a variety of Operational Excellence topics. We then take what was learned in the classroom and apply it directly to your operations. Before the project is complete, you will start to see visual and measurable results. STS clients have reported the following improvements just months after project completion: 30% Lead Time Reduction 25% Scrap / Non-Conformance Reduction 50% Increase in Productivity 40% Logistics Waste Reduction Over $1 Million Saved in Cost of Goods Sold
  • Does STS provide online trainings or workshops?
    Some services can be offered in an online setting. However, the majority of STS services are conducted at our client sites. At STS, we pride ourselves on our "boots on the ground" philosophy. A hands-on virtual corporation experience is provided to each STS partner. STS consultants spend the majority of their time at partner facilities, helping to create and implement lean initiatives and programs and providing quantitative results.
  • How long are STS contracts?
    Each project varies. Small workshops can be completed in 1-2 days, but a full Lean deployment strategy could be spread across 3-5 years. Depending on your goals, STS will tailor each service package to the exact needs of your organization.
  • How much do STS services cost?
    STS service pricing varies by project. Our initial assessment is always free. An STS consultant will meet with your team to learn about your business and strategic goals in order to provide the best service possible. After the initial assessment, STS operates on a fixed price agreement that will include all the needed support to accomplish your operational goals, The Right Way, Together!
  • Can I use STS materials after a project is completed?
    Yes. STS material is copywritten, but usage of our material during and after an engagement is included in your service contract pricing.
  • What is Operational Excellence?
    Operational Excellence is not a set of activities that you perform. It’s more of a mindset that should be present within the leadership and the company’s employees. Operational Excellence is achieved when every member of an organization sees the flow of value to the customer, values what the customer values, and consistently delivers on those values. The end goal of Operational Excellence is to ensure customer expectations are met on an ongoing basis by continuously improving the processes by which a business operates. Operational Excellence pushes to improve measurements in key performance metrics that are shared and understood by everyone in the organization. The way we see it, The Right Way, Together!
  • Why do I need Operational Excellence?
    Operational Excellence can simply be described as a philosophy that embraces learning, problem solving, and leadership development as the key to continuous improvement. Operational Excellence pushes to improve measurements in key performance metrics that are shared and understood by everyone in the organization. When an organization approaches Operational Excellence as a whole, it streamlines the ability to obtain a market competitive advantage.
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