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Too Busy to Improve?

Do you use brute force to get product out the door? Are you too busy to focus on improvement projects? Do you have value stream constraints that limit your OTD (On-Time-Delivery)? Many of our customers answer "Yes" to the questions above. A limiting factor to an organizations ability to launch a successful Operational Excellence program is the mindset "I am too busy today to focus on how to make tomorrow better." At STS we empower our partners to embrace Operational Excellence as a key driver for functional improvement.

Lean Journey

We generally see in our initial client interactions that they are managing 40% daily tasks, 50% firefighting and only 10% spent on entrepreneurship and creativity to grow the business. Through a carefully executed roadmap, organizations can reduce daily tasks to 10%, firefighting to 10% (we will never completely eliminate firefighting) and increase continuous improvement to 60%. Organizations now have the capacity to introduce strategic thinking and actions to occupy 20% of their activities, which is a key component required to turn their operations into a competitive advantage.


Change is Inevitable

Each day brings new challenges to corporate operations. Increasing costs, extended lead times, labor shortages, inefficient processes, and quality concerns are just a few examples. Change Management is critical in any organization's growth plan. In today's market, every enterprise wants to gain a competitive advantage, the difference is in their approach. An evolving industry will leave you behind if change is not accepted and promoted. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE, GROWTH IS OPTIONAL!

The Business Case for
Lean Transformation

The business case for lean implementation in operational excellence will be demonstrated in this graphic. Let’s start with the traditional view and actions of the organization.


The Foundation for Transformation

One of the side effects of the absence of goal alignment is the communication of strategy and strategic intent from the top of the organization to ground activities of the organization and the translation of results from the ground back up to the C-suites. The lean tools are vital to creating change but, all too often, the prework of addressing and preparing the culture for change is poorly administered. Realizing the gaps are absolutely critical. Goal alignment can help to reduce the risks

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