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Business Process Consulting for Lean Operations

Business Process Consulting

Strategic Transformation Solutions offers personalized Business Process Consulting services. STS will partner with your organization to attack the issues that are limiting your delivery, quality and margin requirements. From the implementation of industry 4.0 technology to root cause analysis, STS will provide coaching and hands on support to achieve your strategic goals The Right Way, Together.  

Industry 4.0 Consulting. Cutting edge technology for continuous improvement in operations.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is a growing branch of Operational Excellence. It enables organizations to leverage automated processes and machinery to meet their product and service goals. Industrial Automation allows companies to strategically replace human interaction in processes that are unsafe, costly and difficult to staff. Click below to learn more about Industrial Automation and how Strategic Transformation Solutions can launch you into the future of process optimization.

Process Improvement Projects

Process Improvements Projects evaluate current state processes and generate optimized future state solutions. Through the use of lean tools and techniques, STS supplies customers with streamlined processes. Process Improvements are key to any organization's growth and sustainability. STS consultants have experience conducting process improvements in multiple industries. Contact us for more information.

Root Cause Analysis Consulting. Manufacturing problem resolution.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a critical process to discover the underlying reasons for problems. Once identified, corrective action is taken to prevent the problem from recurring. STS offers a comprehensive service of coaching and participation to help identify root cause and determine corrective action for your organization's problematic concerns. Click below to learn more about Root Cause Analysis and how Strategic Transformation Solutions can help resolve your transactional and operational issues.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization at its core is delivering efficiency, sustainability, and assurance of the supply chain. The main goal is to improve customer experience through reliable and timely delivery of products and services. We base it on key metrics of operating expenses, return on inventory, gross margin, efficient delivery and satisfying the end customer. Click below to learn more about Supply Chain Optimization and how Strategic Transformation Solutions can help resolve your supply chain issues.


ERP / MES / CRM Implementation

ERP / MES / CRM systems improve the ability for a company to manage business processes and react to changing business conditions across all departments. STS offers a comprehensive service of project management and business process optimization utilizing cutting-edge software tools. Click below to learn more about ERP / MES / CRM implementation and how Strategic Transformation Solutions can help enhance your data management needs.

Progressive Environmental Tactics

STS is committed to reducing and responsibly managing waste generated by operations.  Environmental compliance is more than just a legal requirement; compliance is an important component of being a responsible corporate citizen.  STS will partner with you to find financially sustainable and successful operational solutions to the environmental challenges faced by your organization.

Environmental, Health & Safety bottom line cost savings
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