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Anthony Kidd


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About Anthony

Anthony is a results-oriented consultant with a focus in delivering source-to-pay solutions, quality assurance, enterprise operational excellence/lean continuous improvement initiatives and cost reduction strategies to various manufacturing entities. He is adept at driving dynamic gains in operations and is responsible for delivering a quality product through all cycles of the manufacturing process that deliver a competitive advantage. 


Earning both a Master Black Belt and Lean Master certification, Anthony has led the transformation of global organizations into high performance cohesive teams through goal alignment from the C-Suite to floor operations.  Anthony has led Kaizen projects improving the end-to-end value stream. He introduced new technology with process improvements that reduced maintenance costs and increased production output. He has created and implemented a customized Lean implementation program for an international high-tech company that included incorporating lean methodology and Managing for Daily improvement (MDI) for both manufacturing and business operations processes. Prior to joining STS, Anthony has worked for a variety of clients including Kraft-Heinz, Nestle, Dell, Eaton and more. 


  • Inventory Optimization

  • Managing Daily Improvements

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Performance Management

  • Operating Systems Implementation

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Supply Chain Assessment and Solutions

  • Manufacturing Engineering/Operations

  • Project Management 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Training/Development

  • Manufacturing Process Improvement

  • Market Analysis

  • Supplier Relationship Management 

  • Business Process Improvement

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