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The STS Operational Excellence approach uses the methodology of striving for efficacy throughout an organization’s processes and business functions.  Our vision of Operational Excellence is a part of organizational leadership and intelligence. Operational Excellence can simply be described as a philosophy that embraces a learning organization, problem-solving and leadership as the key to continuous improvement and creating a competitive advantage.  The STS approach fosters the linking of the various functions in the value stream in such a way that everyone is aware of the upstream and downstream effects of decision making.

People are often unsure of how to approach the subject of Operational Excellence. It is a difficult concept to define and most people either find the topic to be too ambiguous or too broad to talk about.

Operational Excellence, however, is not a set of activities that you perform. It’s more of a mindset that should be present within the leadership and the company’s employees.  Operational Excellence is achieved when every member of an organization can see the flow of value to the customer and values what the customer values and consistently delivers on those values.

The end goal of Operational Excellence is to ensure customer expectations are met on an ongoing basis by continuously improving the processes by which a business operates.  Operational Excellence pushes to improve measurements in key performance metrics that are shared and understood by everyone in the organization.  The way we see it, The Right Way, Together.

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